Our Services

We provide you utmost services with the competitive rates providing the luxury you always wanted. We are serving you with unlimited requirements for your travel. We are serving you in every possible transfer as airports, seaports, or the station. Whether it’s your local or international travel, travel with us. Enjoy every trip with us.


Airport Transfers

Air transfers are great ways to travel internationally. But you might get into hassle when you don’t have anyone to pick you up after a tiring long journey. We provide you the pick up as well as drop off services for your airport transfers. You will just need to quote us or call us for using our airport transfer services. We will be in your service making sure you have a comfortable and luxurious ride. Our chauffeurs will be waiting for you at the terminal you will be checking out. If you have a delay in your flight, we keep track of you until you are transferred to your required destination.

Corporate Travel

 Traveling for your corporate meeting is such a hassle as you will be experiencing fast-changing travel trips. We provide you with modernize corporate travel so that you can travel be invariant of landscape within minimal timings.

Catch up your every last-minute meeting for your corporate travel. We care for your well being and security. Our chauffeurs are highly trained professional leading you to your destination without further delay. Take the risk of being in time for your corporate travel. We help you tuned up to your important meetings.



Theme Park Disney Universal Florida

The theme park visit, open-air adventure, is one of the most interesting rides you will have. We make sure that you are driven to park within your time ensuring your return trip too. Make most out of your dream park in the town. 

We are here to ensure your safety and security. As well, we do value your feelings and time. Get driven in the city amazing wonderland from the executive fleet range. Travel with us on extremely competitive prices and quality service. With Zlimos never miss a chance to enjoy.


Seaport Transfers

The seaport transfer service is somehow similar to the airport transfer. You will need to quote us or call us for your booking. The general data about your transfer such as pick up time or drop off time is needed. Whether you are using the seaport transfers for your business meeting or the cruise vacation you can always rely on your services. Our chauffeur will be waiting for you at the harbor areas or the terminal as you required. We make sure your travel is comforting with the additional suggestion. We have a number of fleets to meet your desire for the seaport transfers.


Night on the Town

 As you plan to experience the night in the city, you will want a safe and sound ride to your home/hotel. Whether you are an international or a local traveler we have got your back. We are known for the safety of our passengers.

Enjoy your night out in the town with your loved ones. We provide you with a return as well so; you do not have to worry about the night transfer. You can just enjoy the night out. Our professional chauffeur will drive you home at competitive prices.